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Storage With the success of shows like Storage Wars, Storage Hunters, Auction Hunters, and more, the storage auction world has changed dramatically in recent years. More and more people are starting to see the profitable opportunities that come with buying storage auctions, and they're using those to make a living. With a storage auction, you bid on a storage unit that someone was not able to make payments on. You can find a lot of valuables tucked away in these units, but only if you bid wisely. With a keen eye and a good bidding strategy, you can potentially make lot of money from storage units for sale. Read on to learn how.

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Internet Auction List is a site designed to show you some of the great storage auctions coming up in your area. Some of these are held online, so you don't even have to travel to the unit to bid on it. There are certain storage auction buyers that will travel the country for good deals, while others stick near their home turf. What you decide to do is up to you. With our listings though, you will at least know what your options are so you can explore an upcoming opportunity.

Bid Auction StorageWhat You'll Find in Storage Auctions

You can find just about anything at a storage auction. Furniture, clothes, appliances, and knickknacks are all fairly common in the business, which is why a lot of thrift store owners use storage auctions to stock their stores. With this in mind, you can also find fine art, sports memorabilia, guns, collectibles, and safes in these units, which could bring big bucks in the right setting. No matter what you're looking for, chances are you will eventually find it at a storage auction. The question is, what are you willing to pay for it?

How Storage Auctions Work Online

Traditional storage auctions work by breaking the lock on a unit's door and allowing the bidders to look around. No one can go inside the unit or touch anything by the door. After the assessment, bidders place their bids until there is a winner. Then they put a new lock on their unit and pay the auctioneer at the end of the day. Most auctioneers and storage facilities only allow 24 hours to pick up the stuff in the unit, so if you win, you have to clear it out quickly. Otherwise you may lose your new buy. With storage auctions online, things change just a bit. Instead of seeing the unit in person, you may either read about the former owner or see pictures of the unit from the door. All of your bids will happen online during a preset time on the listing. If you win, you will need to schedule a time to bring your money to the auctioneer and pick up your items. The rest is in your hands. There is a lot of money to be made in storage auctions if you take the time to buy the right units at the right prices. Develop a strategy that works for you, and you will be in business.

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