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Commercial and Industrial In need of some commercial equipment for your business? Don't want to pay the blown-out prices manufacturers want to charge? If so, you may do well with an industrial auction, where you can find used and antique commercial equipment for a fraction of the price you'd pay brand new. You can get everything from office furniture to restaurant equipment at a commercial auction, and many of them are available right online. With our internet auction list, you are sure to see the equipment you need.

What We Offer

On this site, we are committed to helping you find the best auctions for your needs. If you're looking for antiques and collectibles, we have auctions for that. If you're looking for vehicles and real estate, we have that too. In this case, you're looking for industrial machinery and supplies to make your business more efficient. Our comprehensive list of auctions and auctioneers features just that. Check out the information here, and you will soon see an opportunity you cannot pass up on.

What You'll Find at Commercial Auctions

Commercial auctions usually contain equipment, appliances, machines, and supplies from businesses that fell under or recently decided to remodel. Large items like commercial refrigerators, large scale printers, and firearms have usually been inspected to ensure quality and authenticity. You can read information about the inspections online through our auction list, and then you can decide what you want to buy. From construction tools to complete office buildings, our auctions have everything you could imagine.

Bid Auction Commercial and Industrial How Online Industrial Auctions Work

If you like one of the commercial auctions you see on this site, you will need to place a bid during the time mentioned in the listing. As with most auctions, the highest bidder of the day wins the item. You don't have to go to an auction house to place your bids. You do all of that on the computer. Then when the auction is complete, you find out if you won or not. In the event of a win, you will need to abide by the auctioneer's terms of payment. This will vary from one auction house to the next, and it will also depend on the item you decided to buy. Large equipment can cost several thousand dollars a shot, and most online auctioneers won't want to gamble with that kind of money. They will require cash, bank transfer, cashier's check, or something else like that to make the payment. When it comes time to get your commercial and industrial auction wins, you will need to contact the auctioneer to discuss pick up or delivery. You can either pay someone else to bring an item to you or you can pick it up yourself. What you do with it from there is entirely up to you. Getting a good deal on commercial equipment is simply a matter of finding a good auction. Explore the ones featured here, and you will have just what you need in no time.

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