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Benefit and charity auctions raise money for worthy causes. In 2008 alone, these auctions raised over $16.3 billion for those in need, according to the National Auction Association. If you want your auction money to go toward more than a seller's pocket, a benefit auction may be the perfect event to explore. You'll find a great list of current ones right here on the site.

What We Offer

At Internet Auction List, we take the time to find and promote benefit and charity auctions coming up around the country. Most of these occur online, which means you do not have to leave your home to participate. Our site also features benefit auctioneers that you can contact about future events in your area. That way you stay informed no matter what. Our comprehensive list of charity auctions and auctioneers is sure to contain a cause you want to support or an item you have to have. Check it out and see for yourself!

What You'll Find at Charity Auctions

Charity auctions can have anything from autographed memorabilia to classic cars. The items in the auction are donated by benefactors who look for creative ways to give to their charities. The items at the auctions are often quite eclectic, but most of them are one of a kind. You may find yourself in a high priced bidding war for one of the auction items because people like to support their charities. They will spend a lot of money on an item because they know it is going toward something special. If you want to do the same, by all means go for it!

Bid Auction Benefit and CharityHow Online Benefit Auctions Work

If you want to participate in one of the benefit auctions listed on this site, you will need to check when the auction is going to run. From there, you can plan when you need to be online to bid. Online auctions work much like traditional auctions, where the highest bidder is declared the winner. The only difference here is that you don't see the other person you're bidding against. All you see is a computer screen. If you have the highest bid at the end of the bidding time, you will be the winner. You can then pay the auction house directly online, in most cases, and wait for your item to be shipped to your door. Most or all of the money that you pay will go toward the charity featured at the auction, minus the shipping cost and auction fees. If the charity auction was held online from a local auctioneer, you can simply pick up the item from the auction house after you win. Finding a good charity auction is simply a matter of having the right list to work off. At Internet Auction List, we provide just that. Use our repository of benefit auctions online to see the assortment of opportunities available to you. You will have something new to add to your home in no time.

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